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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Active Directory Security Resource Center


I hope this finds you all doing well. As you may know, the Cyber Security temperature around the world continues to rise, and as it does, it potentially threatens organizational Active Directory deployments worldwide.

In an effort to help organizations worldwide adequately secure and defend their Active Directory deployments from compromise, I recently commissioned the development of an Active Directory Security Resource Center.

Active Directory Security

The intention was to help organizations better understand the risks to which their Active Directory deployments may be exposed, as well as to help them determine how to assess and mitigate risks to their Active Directory deployments, measurably, efficiently and reliably.

It thus provides valuable information on numerous aspects of Active Directory such, including the Top Security Risks to Active Directory, as well as a set of adequate risk mitigation measures that can be enacted to protect Active Directory from these risks.

It thus touches upon numerous aspects of Active Directory Security, including Domain Controller Security, Administrative Account Reduction, Active Directory Audit, Active Directory Auditing, Active Directory Security Tools, Active Directory Checklists, as well as other Active Directory Resources.

One of the main reasons for commissioning it was that, based on what we're seeing, most organizations around the world, are substantially deficient in their ability to successfully thwart potential cyber security attacks aimed  at Active Directory deployments. The only part more worrisome is that most of these organizations don't actually even realize the ramifications of an Active Directory compromise. That's a worrisome situation, and one that we intend to help improve to the extent we can.

The Active Directory Security Resource Center is thus one of many ways in which we intend to help organizations.

Its over at -

Kindly note that it is not intended to be a comprehensive source of information, as we expect Microsoft Corporation to be that source. It is however, intended to provide highly actionable and valuable guidance, as well as pointers to other resources, so organizations can better understand the threats to Active Directory, as well as determine how to mitigate those threats in a timely manner.

In days to come, we will also declassify the #1 cyber security risk to Active Directory deployments today. Before we do so, we will also share valuable additional information on this vital subject, so that organizations can better understand how to protect their Active Directory deployments from harm.

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