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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Time to teach the World a thing or two about Active Directory Security


If you understand cyber security, then you know that at the very foundation of cyber security worldwide lies Active Directory.

Over the last ten years, we've had thousands of organizations worldwide knock at our doors to request our assistance, so we have a very good idea of just how much organizations know about Active Directory Security today. (And we worry.)

Microsoft Active Directory

Today, even those considered Active Directory security experts and cyber security experts by some, don't seem to know much about what truly constitutes Active Directory Security, i.e. the innards of Active Directory security. In fact, for years, they've merely been operating at the periphery of Active Directory Security, yet, they've managed to make quite some noise.

Unfortunately, today most organizations remain vastly vulnerable. So, to help experts worldwide, and to help Microsoft and its global ecosystem, I think its time that we teach the world a thing or two about Active Directory Security, so they can elevate the level of knowledge at which they operate, and perhaps actually address the most critical of all Active Directory security risks.

In days to come, you can expect us to shed light on some technicals that actually do pertain to Active Directory Security.

You may want to stay tuned.


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