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Thursday, December 21, 2017

A Very Simple and Fundamental Cyber Security Question


Today, I'd like to ask a very simple question to you all, and I do so because this too impacts cyber security worldwide.

Question - When a Cyber Security company develops, releases and promotes the use of a security product (i.e. one that potentially thousands of organizations worldwide may use and rely on to make mission-critical cyber security decisions,) irrespective of whether it may be free software or not, does the company put its credibility on the line vis-à-vis the reliability of that product?

Context: If subsequent to the release of such a security product by a company, it is found / discovered that this product is actually unreliable in that it may be delivering (substantially) inaccurate information, reliance upon which could result in thousands of organizations worldwide making inaccurate access-control decisions, which could then leave them with a false sense of security, and thus potentially vulnerable to the risk of compromise, then could such a finding impact the credibility of this company?

Potential Answers:    A) YES   or   B) NO

I'd encourage everyone to give this question a few minutes of thought.

Best wishes,

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