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Sunday, October 28, 2018

How Massive Could the Impact of an Active Directory Security Breach Be?


Today I'd like to ask a simple but paramount question, the answer to which impacts not just trillions of dollars of organizational and investor wealth worldwide, but also likely the national security of over one hundred and fifty countries worldwide.

Here it is -
Q: How Massive Could the Impact of an Active Directory Security Breach Be?
      Specifically, exactly what could happen if the foundational Active Directory of an organization were breached
Active Directory is the Foundation of Cyber Security Worldwide 

If you need me to paint you a picture, consider the potential impact of an Active Directory security breach at virtually any organization that impacts your life - from the world's biggest IT (Cloud, Operating Systems, Phones, Computers, Networking, Internet, Social Media etc.) companies to the world's biggest cyber security companies, or for that matter from virtually every financial institution on Wall Street, to just about every company traded on any stock exchange in any country in the world, or any one of thousands of government agencies/departments in over 150 countries worldwide.

The reason I am publicly asking this question, is because its 2018 today, not 2004, and this is possibly the most important cyber security question that Executive Management, Cyber Security and IT leadership at thousands of organizations worldwide should be asking themselves today, but most likely are not.

In fact, at most organizations, this isn't even on their radar, let alone rightly being their top (#1) cyber security priority.

Thus, I felt the need to ask this paramount question.

Also, for once, I am NOT going to answer a question that I have asked, but instead let organizations worldwide ponder over it. Over the years, I've already asked and answered many of the world's most vital Active Directory / cyber security questions.

I'll only say this much - Any organization whose CEO and CISO do not know the answer to this question is not secure today.


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