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Friday, December 6, 2019

Its Time to Help Secure Active Directory Worldwide


I trust this finds you all doing well. It has been a few months since I last blogged - pardon the absence. I had to focus my energies on helping the world get some perspective, getting 007G ready for launch, and dealing with a certain nuisance.

Having successfully accomplished all three objectives, it is now finally TIME to help thousands of organizations worldwide adequately secure and defend their foundational Active Directory deployments from the proverbial SKYFALL(ing on them).

I'm BLOWN away by just how little organizations (as well as AD/cyber security companies) worldwide seem to know and understand not just the paramount importance of, but also what it takes to adequately ensure Active Directory Security.

When you know as much as I do, care as much as I do, and possess as much capability as I do, you not only shoulder a great responsibility, you almost have an obligation to educate the whole world about cyber security risks that threaten their security.

So, even though I barely have any time to do this anymore, in the interest of foundational cyber security worldwide, I'm going to start sharing some valuable perspectives again, and do so, on three blogs - this one, that one, and the one below.

Speaking of which, earlier this week, I had the PRIVILEGE to launch the official PD blog -

Stay tuned for high-value AD security insights right here from January 06, 2020 onwards,
and let me take your leave with a befitting (and one of my favorite) songs(s)  -

Best wishes,

PS: Just a month ago, the $ Billion Czech cyber security company Avast was substantially compromised, and guess what the perpetrators used to compromise them? They used the EXACT  means I had clearly warned about TWO years ago, right here.

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