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Monday, May 8, 2017

Save the Date: May 22, 2017 - It is Time to help Microsoft and the World


I hope this finds you doing well. I'll keep today's post to the point. Its Time so please feel free to save the date - May 22, 2017.

Starting May 22, 2017, I will most respectfully help the wonderful folks at Microsoft better understand Active Directory Security by conducting 30-days of advanced schooling for them on this paramount subject right here on this blog. No more delays.

For anyone who may require sufficient context - 30 Days of Advanced Active Directory Security School for Microsoft.

The sole objective of this endeavor is to help the wonderful folks at Microsoft and the thousands of organizations worldwide that rely on Microsoft for guidance on this subject, better understand what actually constitutes Active Directory Security, why it is paramount to everyone's security today and how they can all bolster their Active Directory security defenses.


PS: Of course, AD Security SMEs, cyber security gurus, cyber security experts & the Top-500 cyber security companies (joke) are also welcome to tune in. They may be rest assured that they too will certainly learn a thing or two about cyber security.

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