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Monday, June 18, 2018

Evidence Matters (, and We Have a Mountain of It)


Earlier today, I had shared details of how we, by sheer chance, discovered that an untrusted (self-signed) purportedly Lenovo Kernel-mode device driver had been automatically downloaded and installed on a brand-new Microsoft Surface device.

The evidence is in, and lies on, that specific Microsoft Surface device itself, and we had quarantined that device the minute we made this discovery, to preserve the evidence, so that if needed, Microsoft's engineers could identify what caused this issue.

Speaking of evidence, as we know, in literally everything, evidence matters, because in it lies proof, and thus evidence prevails.

Thus and in fact, from day one, we've made sure that every single claim we have ever made, whether it be about an inaccuracy in a specific vendor's effective permissions tooling, or the lack of sufficient knowledge in the Domain Admin community, or the list of our marquee customers, or our global customer base, or our Microsoft testimonials, or the claims made in The Paramount Brief, or when we inform a specific organization's executive management team about deficiencies in their existing cyber security defenses, or our claim regarding our innovative products being unique in their ability to empower organizations worldwide to be able to audit effective privileged access in their Active Directory, is backed by concrete evidence, and a mountain of it at that.

You see, when you've spent 30,000 hours specializing on a single subject matter, you end up being the very best at what you do, and when you're the very best at what you do, unintended accomplishments come your way, and as they do, you not only end up standing tall upon a mountain of accomplishments, along the way, you also end up collecting, savoring and preserving every single trophy you've earned along the way, both small and big, which ultimately end up building a mountain of evidence.

So to anyone who wishes to take us on, please know that we stand tall and operate formidably, upon a mountain of evidence.

Best wishes,

PS: This message is certainly NOT directed at Microsoft.
       It is solely intended to convey the value of evidence.

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