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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Hello Again


Hello again! I hope this finds you doing well. Wow, its been 6 months since I blogged, and I'm sorry for the unintended absence.

Perhaps I should introduce ourselves again ;-)

Hello World, We are ...

I should mention that I've been missing blogging, especially considering that I penned 60+ posts in 2017, so starting Monday, June 18, 2018, I'm going to get back to blogging, because its time to help safeguard Microsoft's global ecosystem.

Until then, perhaps I should share with you a bit of what's kept me away during the last 6 months -
  • In January, one of the world's top technology companies, one that likely impacts hundreds of millions of computers worldwide, had requested our help in accurately identifying privileged access in their foundational Active Directory, and considering that they had 50,000+ objects in their domain, and the ACL of each object had a whopping 600+ ACEs, we had to enhance Gold Finger so it could efficiently take into account 30 million ACEs to determine effective permissions across their domain, so as Gold Finger's lead architect, I had to get involved to enhance it a bit.

  • In February, one of the world's most important national defense forces had reached out to us with a rather unique requirement within which they wanted Gold Finger to operate, and since it potentially impacted that country's national security, as one of Gold Finger's lead programmers, I had to help lead the effort to help them out.

  • During March and April, we finished work on Gold Finger Mini 6.0, the world's only cyber security tool that democratizes and delivers the power of real cyber intelligence by empowering 500 million+ people worldwide to find out for free exactly who can compromise their Active Directory credentials. It shipped on time, on May 01.

  • In May, amongst others, one of the world's largest insurance companies joined our global family of customers by licensing Gold Finger 007, and I personally got involved to ensure that everything went off smoothly for them. In addition, one of America's top defense contractors had specially requested our assistance in helping them verify least-privileged access (LPA) in their foundational Active Directory, and I decided to get involved to help them out. 

I just realized that almost half the year's over, and I hadn't blogged anything yet, so I've decided to get back to blogging.

Very well then, onward to June 18, 2018.  Stay tuned!

Best wishes,

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